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Friday , February , 21 , 2020

What's in our Program?

Getting Loaded in the Beauty Business is a financial and career education program that has only one goal: to ensure your students meet their financial commitments and succeed in their careers. It is the only financial education program specifically designed for cosmetology schools that is flexible, affordable, customizable, and most important, ongoing.

Our program allows both instructors and students to interact with the creators of the program. Plus, these packages stay with your students long after they graduate.

Getting Loaded in the Beauty Business was created to meet the rising challenges schools face in teaching their students financial responsibility. It’s a “plug and play” system: your instructors do not need to know anything about personal finance to implement the program.  All the lessons are short (average about 8 minutes per day) so they can be dropped into any existing curriculum.

Designed by two veteran educators, Peter Bielagus and Tamra Nashman have been teaching personal finance and career success for over eight years, delivering over 500 paid presentations on the subject.

Getting Loaded in the Beauty Business Complete Education System Includes:

    • Twelve Units (Five 8-10 minute lessons per Unit) PLUS Four Bonus Units
      Unit One: Personal Finance Basics
      Unit Two: Spending and Saving
      Unit Three: Financial Concepts Part 1
      Unit Four: Financial Concepts Part 2
      Unit Five: Credit
      Unit Six:  Investing
      Unit Seven: Student Loans
      Unit Eight: Financial Life Events
      Unit Nine: Real Estate and Debt
      Unit Ten: Life Skills
      Unit Eleven: Pre Interview Skills
      Unit Twelve: The Interview, The Job, and Beyond
    • Bonus Unit #1: Building a Prosperous Career
    • Bonus Unit #2Student Loan Payback 101
    • Bonus Unit #3: Starting Your Own Business Part 1
    • Bonus Unit #4: Starting Your Own Business Part 2

These videos aid with course implementation:

  • Instructor Welcome Guide
  • Quick Start Guide

Plus the entire course is online!

Students have access to the course online 5 years after they graduate.  Students can watch all the videos online and at the end of every video a short, 4 question quiz pops up.  As they watch the videos and complete the quizzes, their progress is tracked in a chart.

Remember Getting Loaded can be taught in the classroom or students can do the entire course online themselves.

And that’s not all!

    • Monthly Group Phone Coaching - Twelve 1 hour calls per year where students can ask questions.
    • Lifetime Email Newsletter - Tips sent to students long after they graduate.
    • Quarterly Instructor Phone Coaching - Four 1 hour calls per year where instructors can ask questions.

Schools with multiple campuses please call our Hedlux representative at 954-281-8617 for more information.