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Friday , February , 21 , 2020
Peter Bielagus -- Financial Advisor, Author, Speaker
For the past seven years, Peter Bielagus has been educating Americans about their personal finances.  A former fee only financial advisor, Peter now travels the globe delivering keynotes and workshops at colleges, corporations, independent schools and military bases all over the world.  He has spoken in Japan, Korea, the Middle East, Europe, in 48 States, and even on military ships at sea.  Peter is the author of two books and has been featured in the Wall Street Journal, PBS, USA Today and many other media outlets. Peter’s goal is to improve American lives through financial education.


Tamra Nashman -- Employment Instructor, Author, Speaker
Tamra Nashman holds a Master’s degree and is a University-level educator. She has 25 years as a broadcast media and advertising talent and has worked for some of the biggest companies in the world. Tamra has spent several years successfully speaking and teaching students and various groups across the country how to put their best foot forward in the interview process. Having nearly 300  interviews with some of the biggest global companies, no one is more knowlegeable at preparing students for interviewing, resume writing, social business etiquette, marketing and personal presentation.  She has worked for clients such as Coca Cola, Hertz, Natural Sport, Lincoln Mercury, Canon,and numerous others.  Tamra is a published author and columnist and is currently hosting her own regional show on the Fox network.